our services

At the PCC, we offer a safe and confidential environment for women and men to explore ALL their options and receive accurate medical information. Most clients tell us there are more options and resources available to them than they realized.

Our hope is to reach women and families facing an unplanned pregnancy who are considering abortion. We minister to them with grace and dignity, seeking to eliminate the crisis without eliminating the baby. We trust God will empower them to make a life-affirming pregnancy decision.

Crisis Intervention: Options Counseling, Adoption Education, Medical/Community Referrals, Material Needs for Mother and Baby through our  Boutique.

Medical Services: Lab-quality Pregnancy Verification Testing, Limited obstetrical Ultrasound, STI Testing

Pregnancy and Parenting Programs: Education on Maternal Health and Fetal Development, Parenting Classes for Mothers and Fathers.

Post abortive: Loving care and counseling for women who are dealing with the pain of past abortion.