Real Life Stories

In 2013 I found myself pregnant with some major health challenges. One of my doctors suggested I get an abortion. Another sent me to the Pregnancy Care Center. I decided to go the PCC to get information about abortion, but found support, love and care that enabled me to carry my baby. That would be “Victor”, in the orange shirt pictured above. He is no longer a baby! I was also privileged to be the first client to have an ultrasound when the Center became a medical facility. I am now married, and as you can see, have a beautiful family. The staff and volunteers have remained my friends, even after all these years. AND, Victor was one of the speakers at the PCC 2020 Friends for Life Banquet! He loves everyone at the Center! They love him – and me – and my entire family! Thanks to the PCC for being there when I needed you!

I had my first appointment at the Pregnancy Care Center today. They have already provided me with so many resources and information that I need to be the best mom to my little girl. They also provided me with so many baby clothes already. My husband also had nothing but positive things to say about the PCC. I would highly recommend this center if you are pregnant and in need of/looking for resources.

Let me start off by saying this is a local not for profit organization. They exist solely to help the people of the area with a number of different things, abortion not being one of them. They really care about the well being of their clients and their babies. Among their services are  pregnancy testing,  ultrasounds, and a number of different things for new moms and dads. Even  parenting  classes and all services are free. I wish I had known about this organization with my first pregnancy! It is amazing what they do and they are such down to earth genuine people they will not judge you. It’s not just for women either.It’s for men as well and they also have post abortion counseling and I know people who have been super benefited by this. Keep up the good work and thank you for what you are doing in the community!

I have been coming the Pregnancy Center for the parenting classes for a couple of years. The lessons are very helpful and I am learning new things all the time! The Center has been able to provide me with the baby items I needed. I also had an ultrasound there and referrals to social service agencies that could help me. My Client Advocate was amazing and so was the nurse. I am so thankful for the Pregnancy Center and everyone who has been a friend to me every week.

Our Men's Ministry

A word from our Director of Men of Honor Ministry:

“Though the generosity of PCC supporters we were able to come alongside a dad that had been charged and served jail time for child endangerment. Five years ago, the court system ordered him to have no contact with his child and stated this would be the case for the following eighteen years. Recently this dad was granted visitation rights and he is so thankful for the part our PCC staff played in helping him reach this goal. It has been a long road, and one that has taken much change on his part. Eighteen years has been reduced to five years, only through this man’s disciplined lifestyle.

This is one of many testimonies we have received from our Men of Honor participants. We are thankful for the churches role in helping us with the many needs and that we are witnessing the reunification of families.”

The Pregnancy Care Center is a 501c3 non-profit organization that is fully funded by individuals, churches, businesses, and organizations who working to offer life choices to our communities.